Willie Nelson to star in and produce remake of “Rifleman” series for Netflix


Willie Nelson has announced plans to produce and star in a remake of the 1950’s television series, “The Rifleman”, set in the town of North Fork in the New Mexico Territory.    Nelson will play Lucas McCain, widowed Rancher, raises his young son Mark alone.  Together, they forge a life homesteading a ranch on the outskirts of town.  Filming will start in July on Willie Nelson’s Texas ranch, on movie-set town built for Nelson’s, “Red Headed Stranger’.

Child actor Jacob Tremblay, will play  son Mark.


Ben Dorcy will play Marshal Micah Torrance in Willie Nelson’s re-make of, “The Rifleman”

A Civil War veteran and expert marksman, Lucas is frequently enlisted to help the town Marshal Micah Torrance, played by Ben Dorcy,  preserve law and order, as a weekly parade of bandits, scoundrels, ne’er-do-wells, sad saps and the occasional victim of misfortune rides into North Fork or appears at the McCain ranch bringing trouble or looking for help or a second chance.  Armed with a customized Winchester rifle, Lucas upholds law and order on the edge of the wild frontier, dispensing justice with wisdom and compassion.

Mark McCain learns by example from his father the wisdom of justice and the Golden Rule, and he learns the importance of strong values and personal integrity.  Lucas teaches Mark to recognize the true character and motives belying the outward behavior of visitors to North Fork and its townsfolk.

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Woody Harrelson, Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson will play re-curring unsavory characters in the series.

The choices they make and the events their actions set in motion stoke the dramatic tension, especially when the visitors who drift into town or the McCain ranch are unsavory characters.  Sometimes resolution is found through reconciliation, sometimes through harsh justice, but there is always a moral to the story.

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  1. rosemarie WESSEL says:

    Will Rifleman be on netflix in 2017? Sounds like a great show!

    Thank you,
    Rosemarie Wessel

  2. Wayne says:

    Willie Nelson is too old for Lucas McCain.

  3. Frank Iacono says:

    Remember, this was put out on April 1, 2016.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Willy Nelson is way to old and will wreck the show

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