Willie Nelson “He’s a fine looking male” (blurb from 1963 program)

Willie Nelson is the performer’s performer.  He is the type of talent who turns out hit after hit, with plenty to go around, for instance — Faron Young’s “Hello Walls“.

And then the young tunesmith can build a barrage of blockbusters for himself, like, “Half a Man“, and “Touch Me“. And it may not be five minutes before he comes up with more like these.

Willie is a personable young fellow, somewhat on the shy side for all the successes he has attained.  He lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  He is a frequent guest on Dallas’ Big D Jamboree.

Everything he does is considered as big news music wise such being the credit accorded his tune talent.  He’s a fine looking male and certainly poses as one of the biggest talents in the western music industry.

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