WIllie Nelson’s bus

It’s like a magnet, really, Willie Nelson’s bus, you can’t help but be drawn to Willie Nelson’s bus, when it pulls into a show.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures of the Honeysuckle Rose, taken on the beach in Galveston, Texas, taken by Pat (Miss Tex) from Texas.

“Add it all up and I’ve spent more time on the road than off and slept more nights on the bus than anywhere else.   On the bus, I sleep like a baby.  Sometimes I dream that I’m on the road headed through the heart of America toward another town full of people who are coming to hear me sing.  And when i wake up,  I find that my dream has come true.

If you wonder what keeps me going back on the road again, the answer is obvious – I like to play music. The more I move around, the more people I get to play that music for.”

– Willie Nelson

The Tao of Willie
A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart
by Willie Nelson and Turk Pipkin

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