Willie Nelson’s coming to Red Rocks! (8/26/08)

Late summer is a great time of year for Colorado Willie Nelson fans, ’cause that’s usually when Willie plays Red Rocks.  I’m already excited and the show’s months away.

Seating is good at Red Rocks because they have reserved seats for folks who just want to drive up into the mountains after work and see Willie, and be assured of a seat.   And the diehards like me (and you if you are reading this blog), will line up in the mountains in the dark, wait for the sun to come up and the gates to open so you can sit up front and close.

But you have to plan for Red Rocks.  I tell out of towners they need to start training now, because the food and the restrooms and gift shop are at the top of some very steep stairs.  There is one kind of hidden bathroom down below, but I can never find it.  And Red Rocks is in the mountains, and like all adventures over 6,000 feet, you have be prepared.   There’s not much oxygen up there, either.  (Drink water, rest, drink coffee, take an aspirin.  Don’t let the alitude get you down.)

Camp Willie, 2005

We’ve got the runners and the carriers.  The young are the runners and we send them in first to just run, do not stop at security, do not grab a beer on your way down, do not pass go, just go grab those front row seats.   Then the rest of us spend ten minutes while security searches tarps, coolers, cushions and backpacks, then we schlep it all down and join our young friends in the front row.  So, if anyone has a teenage track star in the family, bring them to the show.

The Democratic National Convention is going on that week in Denver, bringing over 40,000 politicians and reporters from all over the world, so hotels are at a premium.  So, if you need a room, you might find some difficulty, but persevere. 
has info on lodging and camping, and everything else you’d like to know about Red Rocks.

Tickets have been on sale for Club Luck members for a couple weeks, and tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, April 5, 2008, via Ticketmaster.

Here’s pictures Janis from Texas took of the 2006 Red Rocks show.


This Red Rocks Hall of Fame award sits at the World Headquarters, in Luck, Texas. 

The mural was painted by Morrison, Colorado artist Emanuel  Martinez.  It is 15′ x 60′ long, and can be seen at the TNT Country Kitchen at 408 Bear Creek Avenue, in Morrison.  

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