Willie Nelson’s Crew

I took my Polaroid to Austin to see WN&F  at the BackYard, and took these pictures of the crew, who kindly stopped working to talk to me:


Poodie delegates, and Budrock, lighting director, stands in front of the flag he raised.  That’s a big flag.

I don’t know what Kenny does, but he’s been doing it a long time for WN&F.  And he’s always busy. I asked ‘Tunin’ Tom how long he spent tuning Bobbie’s piano, and he said 2 1/2 hours.  Then I asked if Bobbie’s piano had ever been damaged or lost in shipping on tour.  “No,” he said, “Not on my watch.”  And he’s been doing it for 29 years, so good to know.

I apologize I can’t remember John’s last name, or where he’s from.  He is very polite and has a sweet southern accent.

4 Responses to “Willie Nelson’s Crew”

  1. Janis from Texas says:

    John Selman – I think.

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks, Janis!

    Where’s he from, do you know?

  3. Linda says:

    Janis, is Kenny related to Connie?

  4. Willietattoos(Dee) says:

    Great summary, Linda! Kenny is Connie’s brother. (I know I’m not Janis)

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