Willie Nelson’s Luck, Texas


When Willie Nelson’s movie, “The Red Headed Stranger” was filmed, the complete western town of Driscoll, Montana, was constructed on his ranch near Austin, Texas. The town is still there, on Willie’s property, and it’s been re-named Luck, Texas.


Last Thursday when I was in town to see Willie and Family  perform at the Freedom Fest at the BackYard, I got to visit the town, with three friends from Texas; they’d been there before, but it was my first visit.

We got to spend a couple hours walking around the town, taking pictures and exploring the old buildings.  It is really an authentic western town, and it’s so quiet out there, you really feel like you are in the old west It’s so familiar, too, from the seeing the movie: the windmill and horse tank, the church, a saloon/dance hall, bank, opry house, jail.  One building, like a hotel, is now the World Headquarters, the walls of which are covered with posters, pictures, souveniers, paintings, awards, etc.  It is like a Willie Nelson museum, and I could have stayed all day in that building; there was so much to see. 

We were just getting ready to leave, when Willie drove up in his truck!  We were so surprised.  We’d already had so much fun wandering his town, and then he comes by to say hello.  He spent almost an hour with us, visiting with us, showing us around, letting us take pictures.  Willie Nelson has such a generous spirit.  He made us all feel so welcome and spent so much time with us.

My friend Janis took these pictures so I won’t think I dreamed the whole thing, and my friends will believe me.

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  2. WilliesPrayerWarrior says:

    It was an honor to be with You Linda along with Janis and Carolyn in LUCK. It will be a most treasured memory, one that i will never forget! Now come on back to Texas real soon !!! Peace and love, Cherie’

  3. […] Linda was taking her first-ever tour of Willie Nelson’s town (Luck, Texas) with her friends when the man himself pulled up in his truck and talked with the ladies for almost an hour. I suppose they don’t call it Luck for nothing. […]

  4. Janis says:

    Love was everywhere – I still feel the excitement

  5. mikeky says:

    congratulations, linda!!

  6. Gina says:

    I have an original (not a print) by Julie Gordon Ewing it is of Willie Nelson and Jack Elam…I am wanting to sell this beautiful portrait…Any information would be greatly appreciated…

  7. LindaLee says:

    Thanks for stopping by. If I were you, I’d post about it at http://www.willienelson.com, a forum at Willie’s official web site. Fans visit there regularly and will read about it, and someone may want it. Good luck! Can you post a picture?

  8. Ray Sanders says:

    For a lot of years in Texas I sang Willie,s songs in every Honky Tonk and Beer joint including the Night Owl, Melody Ranch, West Fraternal and VFW post. I have had the honor and privalidge of meeting him on several occasions. He is probably one of the most likeable of all country singers. This is just another testimant of his gracious gratitude for his fans. One day I would like to thank him face to face for all his talent and efforts not only for me but for all “Willie wanna be’s”
    Ray Sanders
    Waco Texas

  9. Dan says:

    This site did me a fan of Willie nelson ..

    Im from Sweden ..

  10. pam kasuboski says:

    Sure wish I could have taken that tour and met the best singer/songwriter in the world. What a lucky woman in the pictures.

  11. LindaLee says:

    That was me, I feel pretty lucky, Pam.

  12. What a great story. I wonder how many other people have had a chance encounter with Willie while visiting the town? The photos were great. Sounds like Willie is a kind and generous soul. I actually just wrote a song about him called “Driving Through Texas with Willie Nelson”.


  13. Randy Porter says:

    My wife and some family would love to visit Luck. Is it open to the public? If so how would you get there from Blanco Texas?

  14. Randy Porter says:

    Can anyone visit Luck?

  15. LindaLee says:

    Randy, I’m not from Texas, and everytime I have gone to visit Luck, I have been driven there by someone. I’m sorry, I’m not the one to ask about how one gets to go there. I wish I had more information about it, but I don’t.

  16. Paul Roxby says:

    I love the country and western movies I have never been to Luck place but I would love to.

  17. Lon gillespie says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I had a great friend that was in a film with his stagecoach and mules in your town located in spice wood.
    His name was shorty Calhoun,and the movie was about ghosts or vampires.
    I lost my friend in 2007, he had a massive heart attack and died.
    If you have anything that could help me find something on this movie it would be appreciated.
    Shorty and I used to drive our mules and wagons all over Texas. We road from the gulf of Mexico to the red river.
    Please help me keep his memory alive.
    E-mail me or call at 830-570-1541

  18. Dianne Tingle says:

    Wow…I can’t believe that Willie has a production company. I have a book that hasn’t been published yet and want to make a movie out of it.. it’s had a copy right on it for ten years – Willie would be a fabulous. How can i get him a copy?

  19. Dianne Tingle says:

    Please email me…no one has ever had this concept before and it would place him back on the map… diannetingle@yahoo.com

  20. LindaLee says:

    Dianne, Willie’s website http://www.willienelson.com has contact information for WIllie Nelson and the band. Good luck!

  21. brett giles says:

    in 2001 i helped two men with a flat tire and the spar wouldnt fit the mini van they were driving. offered them a ride to where they were going. came up to a gate that they wanted me to stop about 25ft away from so one could enter a code. as we drove through the open gate one said “welcome to willy’s property”. as the road curved to the right, there sat his tour bus on the right. a bit further down this dirt road we made a left into “Luck Tx”. a sign said “your either in luck or out of luck”. stopping at the saloon now known as headquarters, we walked in to a remodeled structure of the old times with some modern things in there. signed pictures of many many celebrities hanging everywhere. the upstairs area was empty except a kick boxing bag hanging in the middle of the room. even got to see a small room that wasnt more than 8ft x 8ft with a few chairs and some recording electronics stuff that was said he had small jam sessions at. very memorable night. never saw them two guys again

  22. LindaLee says:

    What a great story, Brett! It is so cool there, isn’t it.

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