Willie Nelson’s Tipi, Colorado (1979)


“In September of 1979, Mr. & Mrs. Willie Nelson commissioned me to paint a tipi at their home in Colorado.  Since my introduction to Willie in 1973, I have had the opportunity to create numerous artistic designs and projects for him, yet this experience was my most unique. For the next two weeks, I was able to participate in a very personal and private atmosphere that Willie and his family have here. With this inspiration, I have tried to capture the spirit that is in “Willie Blue Skies. ”

In the foothills of Mt. Evans, at about 8,000 ft., the tipi sits hidden between two parallel rock stratus. The tipi stands 27 feet tall, with a 60 foot diamater. Connected in this order: Wolf, Elk, Eagle, Moose, Steer. There are five animal totems painted with latex on the outside.”


“I was in Evergreen  on Labor Day weekend (32 years ago this week) painting the tipi for Willie & family.  Thought you might like to see these drawings I made while I was there. For the couple of days that he was there, Willie would jog around the barn and ocassionaly come over and help me dap some paint on the tipi.”

Steve Brooks

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