Willie Nelson’s Water from Air


WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.– Wataire International Inc. is pleased to welcome Willie Nelson as an authorized sales agent of the Company’s Atmospheric Water Generators.

Legendary performer Willie Nelson has formed a company, “Willie Nelson’s Water from Air”, with his partner Mr. Ed Russell in Spicewood Texas.

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As an advocate of green technologies, Mr. Nelson dropped his line of bottled water due to the use of plastics in the bottling process, and has adopted our AWG’s as a safe viable drinking water supply source.

Company CEO Mr. Robert Rosner recently met with Willie Nelson and Ed Russell at his ranch in Texas to review details of the water generator and discuss Mr. Nelson’s participation in the project.

Mr. Rosner stated, “It was an honor to meet with Willie and Ed at Willie’s ranch. I was deeply impressed with Willie’s optimism in this project. I look forward to a great future working relationship with Willie, Ed and their associates”.

Also, please refer to http://www.watertechonline.com/news.asp?N_ID=69676 for a recent article on Willies new business venture.


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