Willie Nelson’s Water From Air

I drank Willie’s Water from Air all day at Carl’s Corner, and it’s good! 

Willie’s Water from Air demonstrated their commercial machine, and the smaller, home-sized version, at Carl’s Corner last week.  There are tabletop models available, too.

They have a new video about the product at the website, too. 

The world is becoming aware that it desperately needs a solution to generate and supply a new source of clean drinking water. Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are that solution. Wataire International will be the product and market leader which supplies them.

AWGs are a new application of a well-known principle and an existing technology. They work by converting humidity in the air to water. The air entering an AWG is filtered so that only clean air passes across the cold surface of the machine’s coil. Subsequent filtration and ultraviolet (UV) treatment ensures that the drinking water is bacteria and virus free. AWGs work using exactly the same principle as a dehumidifier – except that the water is collected and stored rather than simply evacuated. The key challenge is in the filtering and storing of the collected water.

For more information about the products, prices and how to order yours, visit www.WillieNelsonsWaterFromAir.com

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