Willie Nelson’s Water from Air

Laura Pagello, Willie Nelson, Derek Tacon, at Carl’s Corner (7/3/08)

I met Derek and Laura at Carl’s Corner earlier this month, at the giant commercial sized Wataire machine on display.   First, Derek gave me a delicious glass of chilled water, from a smaller version of the machine, and then he gave me a tour and demonstration of how the machines worked.  That water was cold and good, and the demonstration was informative.  They have several different sizes, to suit your needs.   Derek is the President of Aquaduct International LLC. (http://www.aquaductintl.com/ ), the official Wataire distributor in Florida. 

Thanks to Derek and Ed Russell, Willie’s partner with Willies Water From Air, in Texas, for sending these pictures to share with all of you.  By the way, Laura is Derek’s high school sweetheart; isn’t that sweet?

If anyone would like more information about the machines, how they work, and how you can get yours, visit
www.WillieNelsonswaterfromair.com or (http://www.aquaductintl.com/.  Willie’s Water from Air site has a neat little video.commercial there, which I think was filmed at Willie’s golf course outside of Austin, but don’t quote me.

Derek with Freddy and Catherine Powers 

Derek with Paula Nelson, Laura Pagello and artist Bill Pelton 

Derek Tacon and Ed Russell

artwork by Bill Pelton

If you have any questions, I know Derek would be happy to answer them; you can contact him through the website
(http://www.aquaductintl.com, or visit
www.WillieNelsonswaterfromair.com  for more information.

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  1. l. Ridgeway says:

    Please tel me where I can purchase one of your water machines. Please send more details, prices ,pictures etc. Ok to send by Postal Mail too.
    Thank you
    Lonie Ridgeway
    1301 Nuty Brown Road
    Austin, Texas 78737-8520

  2. Steven says:

    These machines are pure Chinese junk. They don’t last long, and don’t work that well. There is only one manufacturer in the US, located in Florida, and the quality is night and day. The Chinese junk is bought by the container, branded, and sold at high profit. Not a great idea.

  3. nishan kohli says:

    nishan kohli

    Willie Nelson?s Water from Air | http://www.stillisstillmoving.com

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