Willie Nelson’s Water from Air


Musician Willie Nelson has a new business venture: He is a partner in Willie Nelson’s Water From Air, the distributor of Wataire International atmospheric water generator units.

Nelson (shown here with one of the units), who cancelled his bottled spring water line because “he can’t stand the plastic bottles,” joined the distributorship after owning a Wataire unit and finding the technology “environmentally sound,” Ed Russell, Nelson’s business partner and friend, who founded the Gulf Coast distributorhship about six months ago told WaterTech Online. “Willie’s just waiting to get all of our machines in place, and then he’s going to go full-blown with it.  

According to Russell, Nelson plans to partner with musician Merle Haggard to open a California-based Wataire distributorship. Russell then will be Wataire’s sole Gulf Coast distributor. Russell said his brother Frank Russell, an environmental engineer based in Rochester will head up the Northeast region distributorship. According to Russell, Nelson’s interest in the Wataire units is because “he’s totally green,” Russell said, “He just feels that the world needs a renewable source of drinking water, seeing how all of it’s disappearing or being contaminated.”Nelson, who has made $5 million in improvements to a Carl’s Corner, TX-based truck stop  is installing a commercial-sized atmospheric water generator unit and other cooler-sized units throughout the building. The units will be featured during a grand opening celebration in July at the truck stop, Willie’s Place at Carl’s Corner.The units generate water from the atmosphere, pulling moist air through a HEPA filter, and working much the same way a typical dehumidifying unit does, except that the newly generated water is pushed through a sediment filter, pre- and post-carbon filters, an ultrafine filter, and finally ultraviolet (UV) light before it is stored.

Stored water is recirculated in the UV chamber to retain its potability, Russell said, noting the cooler-sized units retail for $1,499. According to Russell, Nelson cancelled his bottled spring water line out of Arkansas because he can’t stand the plastic bottles. Russell said the bottler “won’t change the bottle and they’re overpriced.”

Wataire International has offices in Delta, British Columbia and Woodland Hills, CA.


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  1. mikeky says:

    i called their 1-800 #, but it doesn’t work. 🙁 it’s weird–when you call, a recorded message says ‘call 1-900-talk. only 98 cents per minute.’ so there’s a few kinks to be worked out.

    but what a great new product. willie is once again ahead of the curve on this one.

  2. LindaLee says:

    Getting the kinks worked out, I guess. I wonder how much that table top one costs. They say call for a price quote, and I guess that’ what you did, huh? Did you go for the 1-900 talk, and meet anyone interesting? 🙂

  3. mikeky says:

    ha!! i’m at work. i WISH. 😉

  4. Willietattoos(Dee) says:

    Boy, I thought I saw a price (somewhere), when I was looking around…but I can’t find it, now.

  5. wpw says:

    $1499 for a tabletop unit…

  6. wpw says:

    i meant cooler sized unit not tabletop…this is a good thing!!

  7. Ningun says:

    Number and all else should be working correctly now.
    Commercial clip coming soon:)
    Check out relief effort page.

  8. Char says:

    Saw a table top for 89.99 a few months ago now its gone bet it will be 150.00 now so much for helping low income people.

  9. Patrick says:

    I like to buy one of these systems , and my friends want some infor. I just bough a house in new York and I like to have this water system in the house for the house warming party. To do a intro to my friend to a green life.

  10. PATRICK says:


  11. PATRICK says:


  12. LindaLee says:

    I don’t think it’s in business anymore. But I think the water from air people are still in business.

  13. LindaLee says:

    The machines work well in high humidy states.

  14. Ronak Kumar Bhoi says:

    please give a email address because i want to talk to you regarding making of water from air.

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