Willie Wednesdays are back on SiriusXM Radio on Willie’s Roadhouse, with Bill Mack


Who says there isn’t enough good news anymore? This here’s some: Willie Nelson will resume his weekly telephone conversations with Bill Mack on Wednesdays, on Willie’s Roadhouse, on SiriusXM Radio. Commencing next Wednesday, June 13, 2012, Bill Mack will be hosting Willie’s Roadhouse in the afternoon, and Willie Nelson has kindly agreed to call in, visit with him,  and take calls from fans. Thanks, Willie!

And more good news for Bill Mack fans — he will be a regular on the radio again, every weeknight on the overnight hours.

If you have been thinking about subscribing to satellite radio, this will be a pretty good time to do so. For information on how you can subscribe and listen in your car, or in your house — or even over the internet, like I do — visit www.Sirius.com.

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