Willie’s Nelson’s CBD Brand Expands with CBD infused Tinctures for Pain Relief

by: Ivan Reed

Earlier this year, singer Willie Nelson launched his first CBD brand, Willie’s Remedy and its first product, Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee. With increasing popularity and curiosity in the consumers about CBD, Willie is now expanding its hemp-based CBD brand and launching its own hemp-based pictures as well.

Annie Nelson said that the brand has seen a massive success since its debut in February, therefore, they are opening up distribution to meet the demands of consumers. The brand will be rolling out new products soon and intends to add more ways to help people in their day-to-day life with potential health benefits of CBD.

The hemp-based oil tincture is made with Colorado grown hemp flower which is then processed into a full spectrum of extract and then infused into organic fractioned coconut oil for the finishing touch. The consumers can use the tincture directly or even add it to their drink or food. It is made with utmost precision and care with regulated concentration of chemicals which are safe for consumers.

Nelson said that they have invented a dropper of tincture for the start of the day. Their CBD oil is also great to make smoothies or can be used as a dressing with a little apple cider vinegar. The CBD oil is fat soluble, so it blends effortlessly with other oils. The new tincture will come in both 10mg CBD and 25mg CBD per serving sizes which is quite sufficient and safe to digest.

Annie Nelson, wife of Willie Nelson also said that they plan to launch confections, vaporizable hemp oils and tropical products soon.She said that hemp cultivation in America has stifled for so long, but it could definitely make an impact on small independent farmers after the new bill.

Nelson added that hemp is not just good for the economy of the country or for farmers, but is an immensely great product for the soil, environment and the health of the people. Apart from Willie’s Remedy, Annie is also the founder of Willie’s Reserve, a separate brand which gives licensed THC products.

Willie’s Reserve is not in any manner a way to create products that can get people high, but it is solely about the benefits that cannabis can offer. Annie and Willie plan to bridge the gap between all generations – the old and the young – with their CBD products that can help people with a variety of ailments efficiently.

“The willie’s remedy line is a purposeful departure from the Willie’s Reserve” said Annie.

The new tincture is now available on the Willie’s Remedy website which can be accessed by users easily. A single ounce of the product contains 300mg of CBD (10 mg per serving), and is priced at $38.50 a bottle. Another bottle of 2ox containing 3000mg of CBD (50 mg per serving) will cost about $240, along with several rising and sizing variations between the two options available.

An 8oz bag of Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee with 113mg of CBD is priced at $28.80 at the moment.

Many celebs like Nelson have been enjoying the newly passed Farm bill of the United States which legalized hemp derived CBD. Martha Stewart also announced her plans to launch her own hemp-based CBD line with products curated for both, animals and humans. Actor Seth Rogan has also announced his plans to launch a marijuana line in partnership with the cannabis giant Canopy Growth.

The recent popularization of the hemp based cannabinoid has taken the market sharply. It has also facilitated the launch of a gamut of CBD kiosks in malls and other CBD infused products.

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  1. Kathy Todd says:

    How can I buy WN’s pain relief tincture on line? Thank you

  2. Theresa Green says:

    Would like to try your CBD oil

  3. ted gordon says:

    I started to fill out an order for cbd but changed my mind. Didn’t finalize the order, but they sent it through anyway and this A.M. An order for $6.95 had been deducted from my bank account to be fallowed by A monthly order for over $100.00 I’m on Social Security and can not invest in something as expensive as your product.

  4. Joyce thurman says:

    Oreder a free sample of CBD oil that was on Facebook I payed the shipping it was supposed to be Willie Nelson turn out it was not his oil it is called Kentucky farm I am really mad about it this company should be sued for lyning I really was looking forward to use it fory sickness I am scarf to try the one I got never know whate is in it and I have a income of 700.00 a month.a fixed I ncome what should I do

  5. CBD Oil UK says:

    I am very thankful about this. You did a good job for CBD Oil. Thanks bunch

  6. Becky Gilmore says:

    I was just looking at the website and started to buy but changed my mind. Now someone is calling me every 10 minutes. Told them I would call you not giving information to someone that does not speak English. I use a CBD oil now that does not cost as much.. Just to let you know, this better not come out of my account. You can send me a message through BeckyG@Windstream.net

  7. Sandra Schoonover says:

    I am disabled with several diseases and for 36 yrs. I know CBD oil helps a lot. Why can’t anyone who is rich like Willie, give us who prove our situation, be helped out in this world. Give us a lower price? It is about time someone does the right thing. I can’t find any information for the prices on the different oils, unless you start an oder. I will not start an oder unless I have the information. Like, is the CBD oil, organic and full spectrum? That is the only kind I will and can take. So why is this not available? If it is, then tell me where. I would appreciate the information up front. Thank you.

  8. Pamela Jacobs says:

    Anxious to hear from u

  9. mal says:

    I was going to get the trail, but they wanted shipping. This is an old scam. If I had fallen for it, I’d have money coming out of my account in small amounts so they hope I wouldn’t notice. It’s happened to me before.

    Also it is called Canna something indicating that is made out of the CBD from a cannabis plant, is isn’t, it’s Hemp. CBD has no effect from Hemp, the dispensarys in my area have even banned hemp. You have to have a little THC for it to work efficiently, just 1% or so.

    Can’t blame Wille. It’s whomever is marketing it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was trying to get free sample of CBD oil. My e mail is alicemcja@gmail.com.

  11. Bill Zerfing says:

    Same thing. Ordered Willie’s free sample. Got product from Sun Raised. Came with no product info, no contact info, no nothing. Just a bag of pills and oil. What now? Am I on a reorder list? If so, where do I cancel? Bait and switch? It all started with Willie’s offer of free trial, and was willing to give his product a try. Now what? If more charges show up, lawyers will be involved.

  12. Caren D Catterall says:

    I got caught up in a scam that came via an article about Willie Nelsons CBD line, but then it turns out not to be related to him at all. They slipped a little extra something in the cart too. Call your bank right away and get a phone number to cancel those charges or there may be a full price item coming your way by subscription that you did not sign up for. Since I stupidly did this before I was watching for the subscription language in the order, but it is not there. Not Willies fault.

  13. Elizabeth L Vitale says:

    Same experience — charges appeared from a company I never ordered anything from — called the phone number and it was a “call center”. My credit card company had alerted me to several suspicious charges, so they started a fraud investigation and shut down that card (issued a new one) — very maddening — the same amount was charged 3 times, and my credit card company only reimbursed 2 of them — the “call center” said I had gotten a “free trial” for 14 days, and because I didn’t cancel it after 14 days, I was charged. I said I hadn’t received anything, and they said it was just the charge for the “free” product I had received. My credit card company is looking into it further. Live and learn!!! The stuff didn’t do anything anyway, when I tried it!! I found a phone number to request a return authorization, which I might do.

  14. Diane Hensley says:

    I have lupus, post polio, 3back surgeries & I NEED something for pain!

  15. Ross Colbert says:

    I was sucked in to the ad on Facebook about Willie’s CBD oil, free sample for just $6 S&H. I paid the $6 and received about a third-full bottle. They sent another of the same a few weeks ago, and today I noticed they’ve been charging my card $95/month since October. They even charged double for the S&H. It was paid to KJHEALTHDIET.COM, KJHEALTHENERGY.COM, VITALESSENTIALENERGY.COM, and VITALESSENTIALDIET.COM. The brand on the oil is Kentucky Farms in Florida, nothing to do with Willie as the original ad claimed. Originally they were from Florida, now they’re in California. My bank refunded me the charges, and I reported it to the FTC and BBB.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There was an advertisement for Willie Nelson’s great CBD oil on Facebook. It had his picture on it. When I received the product his name was not on the bottle. I thought maybe that is how you send the oil. It ended up a fake company. The company’s name is Remarkabpurebea. Phone number is. Im on disability and they overcharged me. I think that is misrepresenting Willie Nelson’s good name. I felt scammed. Not by Willie but by this other company. Especially, when they advertise it is his product. Now I am still in pain and broke. Thank you, if anyone reads this. Dianne

  17. Steve ogburn says:

    How do I order some original Willie Nelson CBC oil for pain? Please email me order info. Thanks

  18. dottie sands says:

    they charged my credit card 100.00 dollar and they will not give ur money back it is a scam

  19. Patricia Stewart says:

    Looking for pure organic cbd oil with hemp oil only no other ingredients

    Do u have any

  20. Connie Costello says:

    I would like to order some for pain , where can I order please send address

  21. Judy dufek says:

    Do not send me another bottle! I, like many, did not finalize my order! I am notifying my bank not to accept the bill, too notify me when and if you should do it. You are a hoax.

  22. Tracy Crame says:

    Need some cbd oil

  23. Samuel Owens says:

    Hi I got my order but my bootl was brown do youl have different coolers or did I order from the wrong sit please let me know thanx samuel

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