Willie’s Place, Carl’s Corner, Texas

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I’m so glad we have pictures from the walls of Willie’s Place.   There will never be another place like that.  That  theater was the place to see Willie.  Tiny tables pressed up to his stage, tiered floor every seat had such good view.  Willie Nelson & Family played frequently, and other Texas musicians played regularly.  Willie’s Place on XM Radio had a broadcasting studio from there, the place sold bio-fuel, they had a great gift shop, and lots of stuff for the truckers.   It’s still a truckstop; ownership transferred a few years ago to a chain, I think.

One thing I miss most from Carl’s Corner was the Willie Nelson & Family and Friends displays that Janis Tillerson put together.  She put hours and hours and thousands of dollars of her own money on those displays.  Pictures of Willie with movie stars, and with his fans and his family, magazines, unique Farm Aid souveniers.    I’m glad we got some pictures!

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And these are only a few of the walls!

12 Responses to “Willie’s Place, Carl’s Corner, Texas”

  1. Pat (MissTex) says:

    Great memories but so much sadness that it’s gone.

  2. jackie sanders says:

    Beutifull display !

  3. LindaLee says:

    I just feel so lucky we got to see the band there! But I looked at those pics and realized just how much Janis put in to that.

  4. LindaLee says:

    I will always miss it.

  5. Philip John Brooks says:

    I always enjoyed performing at Willie’s Place, either on the big stage in the Nightlife Theater, or in the Blue Skies Cafe. So sad to see it go!.
    These photographs are a great reminder of how unique it was.

  6. Monique says:

    I’m happy we were there two times, although we’ve never seen a show. It’s so sad that they closed it down …

  7. Gary Hoot McDonald says:

    What a great place it was. I saw Johnny Bush there and what a show that was,not a bad seat in the house. Meet Willie there do sad it’s gone.

  8. Joyce Lint says:

    I planned on visiting. Was really disappointed that it was sold before I got to visit Willie’s Place at Carl’s Corner. Also disappointed that Willie’s Place on XM Radio was combined with Roadhouse. Miss hearing the great Texas artists.

  9. Luckenbach says:

    A bunch of wonderful times to be had in that place. I’ve seen Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Billy Joe Shaver and Asleep At The Wheel there, just to name a few. What a shame that they went and closed that place down.

  10. Stephen says:

    I agree. Willie’s Place was a wonderful place. I actually have the picture of Willie and Bobbie at the Abbott Methodist Church on my desk at work. It is the actual picture that hung on the wall at Willie’s Place. Met some wonderful people there also, Linda, Janice and RRLady. Sad that it’s all gone.

  11. Janis From Texas says:

    Thanks to Gail and Steve for saying “do you have some pictures”. Bet they regrated ever asking me that. Thanks to Carl for allowing me to hang them and most of all thanks Willie for all the good times we had there.

    It was so much fun hanging all the goodies people sent; so many treasured memories. I have a hard time deciding which was more exiting watching people as they explored the treasures or seeing their face when they first found the picture of themselves with Willie hanging on the wall. Who can forget gathering around a table with special friends after the concert on that special “Willie high” with the poor waitress waiting trying to take our order. All we could do is laugh and giggle saying stupid things that only a true Willie person can understand. I need a Chicken Fried Steak with lots of gravy no make that a Pork Chop. We must find a place to display our Willie treasures, I still have tons of frames and my ladder is ready to travel.

  12. ann says:

    Im with you Janis

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