Willie’s Place ends; Willie’s Roadhouse begins on Sirius/XM Radio (Channel 56)


Out with the old and in with the new, I guess. Seems like only yesterday I was getting e-mails from angry and sad listeners upset that their favorite Kilroy and Catfish on air personalities were leaving xm radio, with the merger of Sirius/XM radio. But it’s the music that matters, and most people stayed tuned to keep listening to the good music on Willie’s Place.

Now, again, changes and shuffling, and favorite people are leaving. It’s been a great few years of music at Willie Nelson’s HonkyTonk and all the unique collection of music we heard fromWillie’s place. And it’s sad when familiar personalities move on but I don’t think we’ve heard the end of Bill Mack; he’s been entertaining us on air and supporting artists for decades. Maybe satellite radio can’t be that ideal niche radio we all hoped for but there will be good music. I was talking with Dallas Wayne of Sirius/XM, and he made a good point. I was all, ‘what about this, and what about that artist?,’ and Dallas said, “Linda, it’s not going to look the same, but that good music will find a home, or has already found a home on a channell at sirius/xm.” And that’s true. It’s about the music.

But yeah, we will miss Willie Wednesdays, when fans had a chance to call up and talk with Willie on the Bill Mack show, ask him questions, tell him a joke. That was special. But I expect Willie Nelson will finds other ways to keep in touch with us fans, like he always has.

I like what my friend Pat/Miss Tex said, “I’m hoping for some ‘the more things change; the more they stay the same.’ I like that.

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  1. norm says:

    bring back bill mack assholes

  2. Linda Van Diest says:

    Get rid of Charlie Monk!! We don’t pay to listen to that windbag talk for 10 minutes at a time. We are paying to hear music not him and when our contract is up next month will probably not renew it because we listen to country music but can’t stand to listen to that old bag of wind.

  3. greg says:

    big john please

  4. greg says:

    i would like to here big john or north to alaska by horton i love u willie 420

  5. Robert Bennett says:

    Dallas thanks for all the wonderful music i would ask you to play a song (but) you play any thing and every thing i like. lots of music and such a small amountof talking .
    60 seconds is all i have hurd any DJ on willies talk why do so many people wine belly ache so much.

    Robert J Bennett
    Montverde florida

  6. BARBARA says:

    On Friday, Feb. 3at about 7:00 am Pacific time I heard one of the. Prettiest songs. However, ad the format is on the station, the title wasn’t given Ny the time I had to leave my car. It sounded like the tune to the Red River Valley, nut it didn’t use those words. It was a female singer. Part of the verse was ” Can I sleep by your side Mister.” It is a beautiful tune. Please, someone, tell me the song so I can buy it. Thanks. Barbara California

  7. Rick Alfke says:

    I have a commented a time or two in the past about Willie destroying Hank’s place and it seems like lately it is becoming Waylon and Willie and the boys. Willie works very methodically and slowly when he changes formats to his liking not ours , the paying customers. I have five radios and will be down to two by tomorrow. The play list is so short and what I don’t understand is that there are literally hundreds of great songs that could be played. I just don’t get it.
    As far as Wade , and Dallas go I think they are two of the finest radio personalities out there.

  8. Mary says:

    While I like Willie’s place, I also liked the Roadhouse and the selection of songs played there. While the two were combined, they didn’t take all the selections from Roadhouse to Willie’s place. I really like the KENDALL’S and have not heard one song from them since it went to Willie’s place. Could you please add the Kendall’s to your daily program. Thanks, Mary from Pennsylvania

  9. Henry says:

    A Subscriber Commented that Basically We didn’t Have the Right to Say NoThing about Sirus & Willie Shuttin Down RoadHouse & Willies Place & Starting Willies RoadHouse! Yes I & Others Have Every Right to Comment as We got that Right when We Subscribed to their Service! And Many Many of Us Subscribed to Sirus Only because of the Old Willies Place Channel! Had I Known what was Gonna Be Done I would Have Never Ever UpGraded My Service Contract with Sirius! There R Way to Many Good Avenues to git as Good R Better Programming from Public Radio Stations R Cd’s! Wake Up Sirius! I would also Like to Know Who’s Idea it was at Sirius to Pass Around the Notion New Years Eve on the Air that Bill Mack was Coming Back as They Knew Sooner R Later it was Gonna Come Out that Seemingly as of Now that He wasn’t! Is He R isn’t He Comin Back Sirius R was this just a Tale that was Apparently in My Opinion Started!

  10. LindaLee says:

    Henry I heard from reliable sources that Bill Mack will be back on the radio in not too distant future. Lots of people didn’t like the changes, either.

  11. LindaLee says:

    Mary, you should e-mail Sirius/XM Radio, or visit FaceBook and leave a message on Willie’s Road House site with your comments. I’m not connected with them.

  12. Henry says:

    Thanks Linda! I & a Friend Continue to Watch Mr. Mack’s Web Site for Evidence of His Returning in the Future! And He has been E-Mailed & so Far no Word, but Let’s Hope for Sirius Finally Gitting the Wisdom to Put Things Back Like They were! R They will Continue to See People Leave their Service as their Contracts come Up for Renewal!

  13. Joe Cordell says:

    I left Sirius! Management has chosen to ignore the Willies Place fans. There are great apps available now to listen to good music while in the car. If we want management to listen, we need more Mack-Willie fans to show they will walk away if they’re ignored.

  14. Keith S. says:

    Well Folks, I just ended my subscription with XM radio over the loss of Willies Place Channel. Listener support had a deaf ear when i spoke of my disapproval for the end of the channel. By the way,

    Now here in Los Angeles, We now have a classic channel it’s 105.1 HD3 and /or http://WWW.gocountryclassics.com The only bad thing is, I wont know if XM would re store Willies Place… I guess i will need to monitor this post for future info.

    Keith S.

  15. LindaLee says:

    I still miss Willie’s Place, too, and Willie Wednesday, especially. But that is the nature of business, they have to be about making money. I enjoy listening to Dallas; he’s become a friend, and I have kept my subscription. Plus all the special other shows they have. Sorry Willie’s Place is not there for us; if I hear anything, I will let you know, but I expect if there are changes, it will change into something else, like the programming has from the beginning. All the best, Keith.

  16. Marie says:

    Bring bill Mack n Cindy back that’s why I pay for radio. Just got summer car out turned on Or tryed to willies place to find its not there and no bill . Oprah, Regis now bill & Cindy I have no need to watch tv or listen to radio . Please put BILL on

  17. robert preuss says:

    can you play more art gibson

  18. mike lawrence says:

    what the hell happened? dallas said bill and cindy were coming back. they were on the schedule, but now ? xm sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. CWC hardcore country says:

    Hey willie,
    I have quite a few songs for sell if your interested in hearing any of them email me please.
    Thank you for your time

  20. jimmy says:

    Was happy when bill mack said he wasa coming back to willies place don’t know what happen sure wish they bring bill mack back

  21. LindaLee says:

    Haven’t heard why he hasn’t come back; for a couple weeks they were promoting him as returning. Seems like the ball is in his court, though, if he wants to come back, they have made offer. I am not sure why he walked away before; he wasn’t fired. Hope he comes back!

  22. oldtimer says:

    what hapened to bobby, jusyin, jake, curtiss , carl , david wills

  23. Mary says:

    I dearly love Dallas Wayne, but miss Bill Mack and Willie Wed. Too. It was great to talk to some of the stars,I got to talk to Willie, Ray Price, Charlie Pride andDallas Wayne it was really great. We also made a point to go to Carl’s Corner when we would visit Now we live here(in Corsicana) and no nore Willies Place out there. Oh well nothing last forever, huh

  24. angelo says:

    I would never had gotton back on if I knew that Willies Place was taken off. I’m very diapointed.

  25. janice. says:

    I have herd a lot of music in my life time,but not anything that i like more than Dallas Wayne,when i am driving the more he plays the faster i wont to drive,i just love his show,please keep up the good work.love your music.

  26. Henry says:

    Well Yes Willie’s RoadHouse is Sum Better than it was Right After the Change Over, but still that’s Not Saying Alot in My Opinion! Therefore I Rarely Listen to it NeMore!! Plus the Fact that Bill Mack N Cindy aren’t Going to Return! But I’d still Like to Know Why They Had to Tell Not Once but Twice that He was Going to Return! Sirius Should Tell Us Why They Told this! Was it just a Tale?? Put Alot of Texas Western Swing Tunes Back in there & Yu’ll See Us Return, Until then Oh Well I Ain’t Got the Time! One Every Now & then Ain’t Gonna Cutt it For Me!

  27. DON PURCELL says:


  28. larry sowders says:

    I am a regular listener and wonders why I never hear my favofite singer?
    Conway Twitty

  29. Graham says:

    Why do you play the same songs every day I like the station but after hearing the same playlist everyday for past 6 weeks am getting sick of it.

    Why not some Garth Brooks , Shania twain or some different songs from th artists you play constantly.

    Would like to hear THE HANDSOME FAMILY My Beautiful Bride sometime

    We are Australian here on holiday and specified a rental with Sirius to listen but am disappointed now

  30. vern says:

    I just had a terrifying horrible experience, my old Delphi radio thew a rod, blew a gasket, it was the worst experience I have ever had, after listening to you guys for 11 years, it was a terrible experience trying to listen to regular radio, but in afew short day’s, (seemed like forever) xm rescued me, & was able to get back to real radio, Charlie & all the others, great job, hope Bill rejoins you soon. The best to you all.

  31. Tom Nadzam says:

    I don’t know if I am sending this to the right people But i’ll try anyway

    I have a 7 year old grand daughter at the age of 2 we found out she had EPILEPSY she had some 600+ SEIZURE DAILY I have been a life long fan of willy. I see that he will be in PA. in sept. 2014 that same week a group of familys will be holding a rally at the Capitol built on the front stairs into the Capitol fighting to get MEDACAL marijuana past into law to help all the men woman and children to get this Med. what i was hopping for is that willy can stop at the ralley for maybe an Hr to support this cause nothing big maybe a song maybe meet with some of the sick kids that well be there anything would be a big help to draw people

    Just a shot in the dark we nnow he is a busy man but we can never be to busy to help KIDS


  32. mike c says:

    All this complainin’? Charlie Monk the best!

  33. Carole Bryant says:

    I have been a SiriusXMsubscriber for many years, but lately I am not enjoying it as I used to. I generally listen to Willie’s Roadhouse or Prime Country but it seems the same songs get played over and over regardless of who the host is. The Christmas song channel is just so sad, again the same songs are played over and over and they are the new, jazzed up versions of all the great songs not the old wonderful versions. I am very disappointed in SiriusXM. If I hear one more version of Santa Baby, I’ll scream!!

  34. Darin thompson says:

    Hey Charlie Monk, my name is Darren I am from Corsica Pennsylvania I heard you on the radio on Sunday I am an over the road truck driver with 25 years experience and 3,000,000 miles safe driving, I only listen to three channels on my XM that is Willy’s roadhouse Fox news Channel and NASCAR. Keep up the good work.

  35. Dan Stocksen says:

    I am a listener to sirius and when XM first was introduced. I cannot remember what the name of the channel was back then, but I would like to hear Brian Burns and Tommy Alverson and some of the other localized talent, if you would. I think they are still on somewhere, just can’t find them.

  36. Jerry Grigsby says:

    i just heard by the time I get to Phoeni, you said let ya know if there was anyone from Phoenix listenin. Well I’m not from Phoenix but am from Oklahoma and it was mentioned to!!!! Love listening to ya here!!!!!!

  37. Conrad Houle says:

    Hey Charlie I’m from a Chippewa Indian reservation from North Dakota we love Willie’s roadhouse can you play if you were me I think by Ray price!!or web Pierce I don’t know who sings it!!

  38. Tex says:

    Conrad, Here’s a Link to the Song that Yu’re Hunting for On You Tube! Yu’re Right those Words in that Song R so True!– Tex N Texas
    Webb Pierce- If You Were Me

  39. Phyllis says:

    What happened to Charlie Monk. He is the only reason I listened to the radio

  40. Theresa says:

    I miss Charlie Monk!!! I hope he is ok! Please get back on the air soon.

  41. David Haddock says:

    Can you please tell me if it is possible to get a copy of “my wife” by Jimmie Dean? My uncle asked me to try and find it to be played at my aunt’s funeral… she is in hospice care and he says it sums up what she has been to him… Thanks for your help

  42. Tex says:

    David, Here is a Link to the Song that You’re Askin about & it’s on YouTube! Charlie Monk which is on SiriusXM Wrote it for Jimmy Dean! Here is the Link Buddy! May God be with Ur Aunt, Believe me I know very well what U & Ur Family is Goin through Right Now! God Gives Us the Strength to Make it through the Bad Times of Life! Thats what Prayer is All about!
    My Wife–Charlie Monk– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJuZQ86CoAo
    Footprints in the sand– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLLLszBWAhQ

  43. Brian Bowser says:

    Charlie Monk is the BEST .. Keep up the great work..

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