Win a copy of Joe Nick Patoski’s book, ‘Willie Nelson: An Epic Life’

Here is first of 5 contests to win a copy of Joe Nick Patoski’s book, Willie Nelson:  An Epic Life, which will be in bookstores 4/21/08, or you can pre-order it now at

The book publishers are sending me copies of the book and I will send a copy of the book to the first person who correctly answers the question, by e-mail to me at FlorenceEm

Willie Nelson has worked at many jobs in his life.  Which two jobs did Willie never work at:

cotton picker
song writer
Bible salesman
grocery bagger
tree trimmer
sweeping up at school cafeteria
saddle making
shoe salesman
baling hay
disc jockey
telephone operator
sewing machine salesman
encyclopedia salesman
vacuum salesman
advertising sales
music promotor

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