Win a copy of Joe Nick Patoski’s, “Willie Nelson: An Epic Life”

Joe Nick’s book will be on bookshelves on April 21, 2008.  And you can order it now, at

Little, Brown & Co., the publishers of Joe Nick Patoski’s book, ‘Willie Nelson:  An Epic Life,’  are kindly sending me five copies of his book, to offer up to Willie Nelson fans here at still is still moving.    Isn’t that nice!   

So, tomorrow, I am going to put up a question, and the first person to answer it correctly (by e-mail to me at FlorenceEm, will win a copy of the book.

I’m reading Joe Nick’s book now, and am enjoying it so much.  The book is such an honest study of Willie Nelson.  He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, but he is so respectful and thoughtful about everything.  And his research!  He talked to over 100 people, and the book is so rich because of that authenticity.  It contains so much information about Willie, but it’s so much more than a Willie Nelson biography; it’s more like the biography of Texas, and it’s musical history, starring Willie Nelson.  And I don’t know how Joe Nick does it, but you can hear his southern accent in his writing, and it’s just perfect to hear him tell this story.  Willie is the focus of this book, but we learn about him by the music he writes, the characters he hung out with, the musicians he played with, the cities he lived in.

I am so glad that Joe Nick cares so much about Music, Texas, Texans and Willie Nelson.  And we are all so lucky he is such a great writer.

So come back tomorrow and try to win a copy of his book.  It is 500 pages of good reading.

8 Responses to “Win a copy of Joe Nick Patoski’s, “Willie Nelson: An Epic Life””

  1. wpw says:

    gee wish i didnt have to work!!! maybe no one will get the right answer til i get home and send it in…wink wink

  2. mikeky says:

    tomorrow as in friday? 🙂 today?

  3. mikeky says:

    linda, i don’t know what the question is yet, but i already know the answer. here it is:

    linda, i love you. marry me. 🙂 ok, just kidding.

  4. Linda says:

    Okay, I’m sending you a book, Mike. ok, just kidding.

    I like that. I don’t think I’ll post the questions, just let people post the answers!

    Or maybe I’ll post the answers and let people put up the question, like jeopardy!

    I’ll put up the question later, as soon as I come up with something!

  5. mikeky says:

    answer: winner of the willie nelson book
    question: who is mikeky?

    🙂 i like it. it has a certain charm to it.

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