Willie Nelson: “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

Photo:  Sam Jones

Willie Nelson has changed the lives of thousands of people, including my own.  More important, Willie Nelson also changed his life — and I do mean for the better.  After beating his hard head against the music business in Nashville during the fifties and sixties, Willie was on hard times.  He’d long ago sold some of his best songs — like “Night Life” and “Family Bible” — for a few tens in folding money.  His house in Nashiville had burned down, and he was sick and tired of trying to be something that he was not.

Making the wisest decision of his life, Willie decided that he cared more about his family, friends, and simply making music than he did about trying to be a star.  Moving home to Texas he wrapped himself in a concern of indifference to oher people’s opionions, and eventually unfolded his new wings and soared.

Willie puts it a little more simply.

“When I started counting my blessings,” he says, “my whole life turned around.”

– Turk Pipkin
   Introduction, “The Tao of Willie”
  by Willie Nelson, with Turk Pipkin

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