Abbott Methodist Church (7/2/06)


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Willie Nelson and his sister Bobbie recently purchased the Methodist Church Building in Abbott, Texas, where they attended church as children,. Bobbie and Willie lived with their grandparents in Abbott growing up, and Willie says, “Sister Bobbie and I have been going to this church since we were born.” “Now you are all members of the Abbott Methodist Church, and you will be, foever and ever”, he told us all. I am a Methodist, so I liked being made a member of his Methodist Church.

On Sunday, July 2, 2006, a church service was held, and Willie, Sister Bobbie, Mickey Raphael, Bee Spears, Leon Russell and Donald Reed, sang gospel songs in between blessings, and prayers. They sang gospel hyms, such as “I’ll Fly Away”, “Uncloudy Day”, “Will the Circle be Unbroken, and “Precious Memories.” Also, Willie sang his peace song, “Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth”, and declared us all as part of a Department of Peace.

There was a guest list to get in, and since my name wasn’t on it, I joined hundreds of other Abbott ictizens and fans from all over at tables under tents that had been set up to keep us cool. There were large screen television sets placed around the tents, and a surprisingly good sound system. Willie made us all feel so included.

Willie was so kind, he spent hours afterwards shaking hands inside the chapel, and out on the lawn. It was a treat to watch Willie greet old friends, and pose for pictures, sign autographs for his fans, before getting on the bus and leaving.

Willie didn’t join us, but he treated everyone there to a delicious, organic lunch of corn on the cob, black-eyed-peas, blue-berry pie. That’s what I ate, anyway. I know there were a couple choices of meats, all organic. I’ll find out the organic farming group that provided the catering, I’ll let you know. It was a delicious picnic, sitting at long tables, eating delicious food. Oh, and fresh tomatoes, and watermellon, lots of cold ripe watermellon.

Janis, of Texas, (whose name was on that list), took the pictures here. Thanks, Janis!

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