How can I get my hands on one of those Willie Nelson guitar picks?

People e-mail asking about the beautiful Willie Nelson picks I feature here, and how they can get their own.

Most of what I post here are from Budrock “Buddy” Prewitt’s collection, which he has posted at Some are mine; I love those picks, too. But the old ones, the rare ones, are from Buddy’s collection, and from Janis from Texas’ collection; she has some nice ones, too, but don’t tell anybody.

Today someone wrote Buddy and asked about his picks:

Today at I saw Willie Nelson Pick of the Week and then I also found a whole page of past picks. Sorry if I sound terribly naïve about all this, but are these picks reproductions of an original that was actually used and then mass produced for sale to the general public, or does the website just post pictures of them so that interested folks can enjoy looking at the photos? If they’re available, how do you get them? Thanks.

Buddy wrote back:

They were never available to the public for sale.
The picks are printed (several hundred) for each tour.
To get one, you had to be given one by someone on the Willie Nelson & Family tour.

A few Examples:

1. Willie threw one to you during a performance
2. Willie dropped one onstage and it bounced to you
3. Willie gave you one.
4. A band member gave you one
5. A crew member gave you one
6. You found one on the stage after we left.
7. You did our laundry and found one in a machine after the clothes were removed.

Buddy “Budrock” Prewitt
Willie Nelson and Family
Lighting Director

[So, next time you are at a show, walk up to one of the crew and ask him if you can wash his jeans, and maybe you’ll get lucky! — LL]

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