Willie Nelson and Kimmie Rhodes

“Willie Nelson has the basic spirit of a true artist that transcends age and fame and all that stuff.  There’s something deep inside of him that had to create and had to have a vision.  He always has new ideas.  When I see him, he’s always grown artistically, and he’s moved into other genres.  That’s how he got the success of Stardust — he was following his heart.”

— Kimmie Rhodes

Texas Monthly
March 2009


  • Picture in a Frame
  • Valentine
  • Just One Love
  • Til I Gain Control
  • Love Me Like a Song
  • I just Drove By
  • Contrabandistas
  • Love Always Will Be
  • We’ve Done This Before
  • Rhinestone Highway

In 2003 Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson recorded and released a compilation of duets titled Picture In A Frame.  It is their first duet CD, featuring the Tom Waits-penned title track, a brand new Willie song (It Always Will Be), five original Kimmie tunes, and classics from Rodney Crowell and Willie. The record includes new recordings of past duets as well as Rhinestone Highway, a track from Kimmie’s Small Town Girl. Recorded at Willie’s World Headquarters in Luck, Texas with a small acoustic group, this CD captures Willie and Kimmie at their most intimate and relaxed.

Visit www.lucktexas.com to hear mp3 samples, or purchase the song or cd.  For information about Kimmie Rhodes, and to purchase her cds, her website is www.kimmierhodes.com

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