Johnny Cash Tennessee Two (1950’s)

Johnny Cash and the original Tenessee Two – Country Style, USA, 1958

I’m sad, I just found a really great blog and learn that the author is going to stop blogging, all in the same day!  They are going to be around until Sunday, so if you get a chance go by and say bye.   They posted this great blog about Johnny Cash, and performances he gave on Country Style, USA, a late 1950s television series that featured classic country performers. 

Thanks, rbally!

These tracks are from the vinyl recording of the original radio broadcast, and so you’ll hear the pops and snaps, that just add to the experience.

Set One:

Country Style USA Intro
Hey Porter
I Walk The Line
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Rock Island Line
So Doggone Lonesome
Country Style USA Outro

Set Two:

Country Style USA Intro
Folsom Prison Blues
Cry Cry Cry
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I Was There When It Happened
Get Rhythm
Country Style USA Outro

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Painting by Lamar Sorrent

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