A Peaceful Solution

Richard is the most recent artist to record a version of “A Peaceful Solution,”  the song written by Willie and Amy Nelson.   You can read more about this artist, and see more videos posted at the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute at http://WillieNelsonPRI.com.

I was young during The Civil Rights Movement, and The Viet Nam Era. Most young people were outspoken about both. And I now realize there may be a correlation. I have come to see living Peace on a personal level works best for me.

I have put humility and gratitude into my life, and I try to be kind and to not judge others. I think real and lasting World Peace will become a reality when more live it in daily life.

I do not feel Peace is the sole arena of Military Conflict; rather I sense it might begin in the hearts and minds of individuals. The old saying

A chain is as strong as its weakest link may illustrate this point.

I believe that Civility and compassion play a big part in lasting Peace.

I feel like I have contributed, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do a cover of Willie and Amy Nelson’s A Peaceful Solution Song.

Thank you Willie and Amy; and thank you Liz and all who staff The Peace Research Institute.

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