A Rainy Day in Luck

Janis from Texas was in Austin yesterday, and sent some photos:

“Wednesday afternoon I took a chance and drove up to Luck.  The film crew was just leaving ; they were on their way to the studio to do a little filming during the recording session.   The town was empty and I had Luck all to myself.”   

“The weather in Austin was cold and raining so I went into the Headquarters to warm up a little.  As I walked in the door my heart stopped; I looked up and there was Willie standing behind the bar talking with Rusty.  Rusty, is the man that keeps Luck looking like Luck and safe for everyone.  Just Rusty and Willie and me oh my.

Willie greeted me with that special Willie smile, and the first thing he said was, “Saw the pictures from last night.” 

Of course I wanted to stay in the warm with Willie, but I asked if I could take some pictures of Luck in the rain.   I got that little nod and he said, “Yes, but to be careful because it was slippery out there.”   I was thinking how they would laugh watching me bust my backside out there in a huge mud puddle.

“As I walked down the wet streets of Luck the newly recorded” Desperados Waiting for a Train” came drifting out of the Headquarters.  I know Willie did not play it for me but the timing was perfect.  Walking down the streets of an old town with Willie singing about men playing dominos and being a hero of this country.  Yes it was perfect and  Willie you are a hero.”

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