All a Twitter about Willie Nelson’s Hair

“Willie Nelson cut off all of his hair!  I was like Whaaaaa?   Willie, nooooo!”  #CraigFerguson

Craig Ferguson wasn’t the only one on Twitter talking about Willie Nelson’s new hair cut.  Here are a few of the hundreds and hundreds of tweets:

hiddenrogue     Wtf? Willie Nelson cuts his hair?! OMG

 breannarose1  Willie Nelson’s had long hair 4 my entire life…got 2 be 1 impressive reason for the haircut…or maybe he just wanted a change..hmmm. :-}

TJustinTanner BREAKING NEWS in Austin, TX – Willie Nelson just cut his hair after YEARS of braids… now back to your regular programming.

chinesejapanese Willie Nelson cuts his hair – this is a different world from now on.

oopsisaidthat Willie Nelson has cut his hair. And the world is stunned.

MisterElGuapo So Willie Nelson cut his hair, huh? If he got the Justine Beaver cut, I fucking quit.

starZship  Nostradamus predicted Willy would cut his hair.  It’s True.

icahla   Willie Nelson cuts his hair and Gary Coleman dies…I’d hate to see what would happen if Billy Gibbons ever shaves

AlcoholicMan  The bible says in the end of days there will be wars and chaos and Willie Nelson will cut his hair. I’m awaiting the black dragon’s arrival.

Band_Candy  I would like to thank Willie Nelson for cutting his hair and donating to those attempting to clog up the Gulf pipe.

latoya12  Also, RIP Willie Nelson‘s braids. Ya, he cut his hair. World=coming to an end

HighAndAtLarge  Willie Nelson Cut His Hair?!? He must have smoked some good shit to do the unthinkable!!

Duckufan  Forget the hair, did u c that shirt? RT @TheSquare: OMG. Willie Nelson… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!?

WomenCosmetics  Willie Nelson‘s hair — you picked a fine time to leave me

ClassicRock101  Rock Girl Alece: The Haircut Heard Around the World!: The rumours are true: Willie Nelson has cut his hair

jimkerrjr  Isn’t it one of the signs of the apocalypse that Willie Nelson would cut his hair?

rainejeanne  willie nelson chopped off all his hair. good for you man. i’d be bald again if people wouldnt call me britney.

hartupnorth  Willie Nelson cuts his hair. I think the earth just moved a little bit

DGross  What??? Willie Nelson cut his hair? Truly, The Man has won

12amCatharsis  I’m still angry that Willie Nelson cut his hair.

AnnieKar  I didn’t even know Willie Nelson‘s hair COULD be cut! I thought there was a protective force field or something

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