An Interview with Willie Nelson’s Friend, Donald Reed, on xm radio

Willie Nelson, Donald Reed, Jackie Clement, in Luck, Texas

Donald Reed was at Carl’s Corner today, to see the Willie and the Wheel tour, and Dallas Wayne invited him into the Sirius/XM radio studio for a visit:

Mr. Reed talked about growing up with Willie and Bobbie Nelson in Abbott Texas, and Willie’s involvement with the Methodist Church in town.  He has known Willie for over sixty years, and spent time at his home, where Willie and Bobbie were raised by his grandparents.  “We lived out in the country, and when there were sporting events, I had to find a place to stay in town.  I spent a lot of overnights in the Nelson home.”

He said when Willie learned that the Methodist Church in Abbott, where he and Bobbie and Don attended with their families, was going to be sold and moved out of town, he bought the church building.  Then he said he told him, “Don, I bought that church.  And I am depending on you to take care of it.”  “And here I am,” said Don.

Don said they have services at the church twice a month, on the first and third Sundays of the month.  He says they hope to expand to service every Sunday as soon as possible.

He said the church has been busy:  last week the ordained a new minister in the church, they have performed three weddings at the church, and a new minister recently preached their first service at the Church.  Don invited listeners to drop by the church if they are in the area on the first and third Sunday of any month,  Services start at 10:45 a.m. 

Don said that the Methodist Church serves it’s community, and one of the ways is through their annual scholarships for students from local high schools.  For three years running, the Methodist Church has given 12, or 13 scholarships of $1000 each to students to use to further their education.   The Church has no paid employees, it is operated by church members and local residents who volunteer their time.   

To help fund the scholarships, the Church has teamed with the Texas Mint, and silver coins were designed featuring Willie and Bobbie Nelson on one side, and a picture of the Church on the other side.  The coins sell for $50.00 each, with one-half of the proceeds going to the Church and to their scholarship fund.  The coins will be for sale at the two Willie and the Wheel shows at Carl’s Corner tonight and tomorrow, and also at the Abbott Cash Grocery Store, The Hillsboro Reporter, the Abbott Methodist Church and through the Texas Mint in Whitney, Texas. 

Don said that Willie also bought the Abbott Cash Grocery Store in Abbott. “When he heard it was going to close — he bought it too.  He did not want it to close.”

“Willie Nelson is one of the most wonderful, looving people I know.  We’ve been friends 63 years.  He is a blessing.”

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