Ann Wolfe opens Boxing and Fitness training center in Austin


Paula Nelson shared this photo of her friend and her dad.  Thanks Paula!

“This is my friend Ann Wolfe and my Pops 🙂   THE ANN WOLFE….

It’s official!  The Wolfe Pack is in downtown Austin.   She just opened up her own boxing and fitness studio in downtown Austin, at 5th & Congress.    SHE IS THE BEST THERE IS….no doubt about it.  Don’t miss out!   🙂

And you don’t need to live in Austin  — she will also have live feeds, a weight lose program on line, and virtual personal training.  It’s all coming soon.  Pass it on plz.  If you don’t know anything about this amazing woman.. Just Google her.

Like I said she’s the real deal..  and Ann and my dad have domino tournaments often.  🙂 Check her out; tell your friends.

xo Paula  🙂

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