Another Great Preview of “SongBird”

I have heard only good things about this collaboration between Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams due out 10/31.   The cuts I’ve heard on-the-internet have been great.  This, from Rolling Stone: 

Album Preview: Willie Nelson, “Songbird”

Willie Nelson Ryan Adams

We weren’t entirely sure what to expect for Willie Nelson’s new record Songbird (out October 31.) Is it a covers record? It is a reinterpretation of Nelson’s older stuff? (Most of the songs are not Nelson’s own, and the tracks he did write we’ve heard before.) Nelson recruited Ryan Adams as producer; is this meant to be some sort of Jack White/Loretta Lynn move? After a few listens, we don’t really care. Songbird is too good. Our favorites so far: The warm sway of the Fleetwood Mac title track and the slow-burn, dusty-road romp of the Grateful Dead cover “Stella Blue.” This is one of those younger artist/older artist collaborations where everybody wins.

– Elizabeth Goodman

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