Another Willie Nelson Fan: Darius Rucker’s Aunt


What are your memories of your aunt and her listening to Willie Nelson?I think I was in high school when I got in the car with her and Willie was playing. I was surprised! (laughs) I was like, “Wow, Aunt Jeanette, you like Willie?” and she was like, “I love Willie!” From that point on, whenever she and I talked about music, we talked about Willie. She was such a big supporter. She was always telling me to go out and catch my dream and do what I want. It was great. That was the day that made it easier for me to like what I wanted to like. To see somebody else in my family liking country music — or liking something that wasn’t R&B — was big for me. 

Did you ask her what it was about Willie Nelson that attracted her?

Yeah! I remember saying, “Why do you like Willie?” and she said, “Do you hear him sing?” I think it was the songs. It was Red Headed Stranger. She listened to Red Headed Stranger so much. It was the songs that she just loved.

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