Another Willie Nelson fan: Dwayne Johnson

Former wrestler-turned-actor “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson played guitar and sang on the Jay Leno show Wednesday night.  See the video of Dwayne Johnson singing below.

Dwayne Johnson wowed the audience on Wednesday night’s Jay Leno Show, by performing a song by his idol Sam Cooke.

The actor said he travels with an acoustic guitar that was given to him by country legend Willie Nelson several years ago.

Jay Leno lit a candle to set the mood as Johnson sang Cooke’s “You Send Me”.

Johnson said, “I was never in a band but I loved playing music… Willie and I have been friends for about 10 years. For my birthday about six or seven years ago I come home and I get this box and inside this box was an exact replica of Willie’s (signature) guitar (named) Trigger, and that was awesome.”

Check out Dwayne Johnson singing on Jay Leno in video at:

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