Asleep at Wheel Releases New CD Today, “Reinventing the Wheel”


Asleep at the Wheel has a new cd out today.

This from their myspace account: 

“This new cd, Reinventing the Wheel, the first feature release from the band in seven years and a fitting title for the band’s return to its roots, albeit with some fresh faces. As newest member and vocalist Elizabeth McQueen suggests, “…it’s come full circle and it’s back to that original review concept of Asleep at the Wheel, with lots of different styles of music and different singers trading off, which makes it really great.”

The album kicks off with an playful collaboration with the Blind Boys of Alabama on a rare Bob Wills treasure entitled “The Devil Ain’t Lazy.” Other highlights include Jason Roberts’ original “Am I Right (or Amarillo),” the Marshall Tucker cover “This Ol’ Cowboy” a blazing original instrumental “Pop a Wheelie,” and Elizabeth McQueen’s sublime take on “I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine.” 

Track List: 

1. The Devil Ain’t Lazy (Featuring The Blind Boys of Alabama)
2. Your Mind is on Vacation
3. I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine
4. Am I Right (or Amarillo)
5. The Old Cowboy
6. I’m an Old Cow Hand (from the Rio Grande)
7. Pop a Wheelie
8. Misery
9. Hot Like That
10. Saturday Night Fish Fry
11. You’re My Sugar
12. The Cape

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