Backstage at a Willie Nelson Show

No, it’s not Johnny Cash’s backstage view; it’s Budrock’s crew’s view, with pictures of Willie Nelson’s crew creating the stage and the backstage for Willie Nelson and family.

Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt has posted several more Crew’s Views at Willie Nelson’s World Headquarters Website at

Here he writes about setting up for the LaCross, Wisconsin show on March 18, 2010:

“The La Crosse Center Arena is a large multi-purpose arena, and is the home of the La Cross Spartans who play in the indoor arena league.  Today we are on the portable stage.

Our equipment truck can be backed all the way into the building today.   I shot a few pictures of the piano being unloaded and assembled today.   

As you can see, it takes several stage hands to get it out of the truck and down the ramp to the arena floor.   It is then placed on the stage with a forklift.   Tunin’ Tom opens the case and starts unstrapping the piano in preparation for putting the legs on it.”

Budrock, in Flagstaff, AZ last year.

To see more photos taken by Budrock, and hear more behind-the-scenes stories, visit:

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