Kilroy and Catfish Both Gone from Willie’s Place XM-13


Tim Blake, at  has been writing some reports about changes to Willie’s Place, including that Eddie Kilroy and Gary Hightower (Catfish) are both  no longer with Willie’s Place.

To say that Kilroy was fired would be wrong. Intelligent people know that Kilroy carried the full load for Willies Place after Gary Hightower (Catfish) left XM-13. Many of our readers called and emailed to say they only listened to Kilroy’s show, turning the station off after Kilroy signed off.

The staff at Sirius/XM deprived themselves of two legends of country music – superstars if you will – and thus dismissal makes no sense at all. If I were an investor I certainly would question the logic, or lack of it, in making such poor decisions. Willies Place lost subscribers and part of their fan base after Gary Hightower departed. I heard from many of them, and listened to their complaints.

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