Bigger Trigger

Bigger Trigger, at Charlie’s, Pa’ai,
Maui, Hawaii

“With my arrival here on Maui in 1980 I started making string instruments. Sometimes I have a rough idea of what instrument I am going to make while at other times I let the creative flow take me some place  new. My belief is that every instrument takes a musician to a particular musical mental place. This place  is important to me and I love finding new locations.

All my creations are hand made without power tools.   This translates into weeks of sanding and gluing. As part of this journey I built the biggest guitar in the  world for the famous person “Willie Nelson”. The guitar named; BIGGER TRIGGER; is 12 feet long and weighs 170pounds”

P.O BOX 790772
PAIA, HI 96779,U.S.A

Moving Bigger Trigger

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