“Broken Bridges”, Toby Keith, Lindsey Haun, Kelly Preston, Burt Reynolds and Willie Nelson (as Willie Nelson)


This is a great movie!  When it was released, by the time I got around to seeing it, it had left the theaters.  I didn’t understand what had happened, but thought maybe, well Toby can sing, but maybe he can’t act.  I mean, I loved “Pure Country” with George Straight.  He looked so good on a horse, and those scenes of him sitting around on the porch picking and singing with his friends — priceless.  I would have liked to see him do another movie, but he didn’t quit his night job, did he.

The DVD of Broken Bridges doesn’t go on sale until January 8th, which doesn’t make sense to me because it would be a great Christmas/Hannukah gift.    But CMT is showing it on t.v. this week, and I got to watch it tonight.  And it’s a great movie! 

It’s a tear jerker, though, so bring the tissues.  Toby Keith (Beau) and Kelly Preston (Angel) are former highschool sweethearts who had a child together, Dixie, played by Lindsey Haun.   Beau splits when Angel is pregant, and Angel leaves town and raises their daughter alone.  Beau never sees his daughter.  Then, everyone is brought back to their home town when  Beau and Angel each lose a brother, along with three other young men from the small town, who are killed in a military training accident.  The town is devasted, of course.  There is a real heaviness around the movie, because of theses young soldier’s deaths, and the lost love between Beau and Angel, but there is so much love woven through the story.   Louhan plays their daughter, and she’s a musician, too, and young rebel and pissed off at her dad for never coming to look for her. 

Show is full of touching scenes as Toby and Louhan connect, write and sing music together.  Burt Reynolds plays Kelly’s dad, who was a less-than-stellar parent himself, so we get to see the healing of that relationship, too.

Best part of movie, though, was at the end when Toby/Beau asks his friend Willie Nelson to perform at a memorial service being held for the soldiers.  Toby joins Willie and it is such a perfect end-of-movie concert scene.  Very satisfying.

Music throughout is wonderful, so this sound track is one I want now, too.

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