Congratulations Graduate and Willie Nelson fan Herlon Chaves

Congratulations to Brazilian Willie Nelson fan Herlon Chaves who graduates today from UFMG,  in their English Language & Literature Course.   He is a big fan, and got to see Willie Nelson when he played a show in his hometown (Belo Horizonte) in 1992.

He sent along his invitation, where he thanked his parents, family and friends, and also gave a tribute to his musical idol Willie Nelson.  He kindly translated:

“Life is full of thanks, victories and accomplishments are conquered in groups.  To my grandmother Mimite, the pillar of our family, she was born in 1918, and it is a great honor to give her such joy.   To my mother Geralda, an example of determination and will; and my stepfather Dino: “Yeah, man.”  To my wife Cristiane, companion and accomplice – love you!  To my brothers Wellington and Mattheus, moments of relaxation and friendship.  To all my friends, especially those as close as brothers: Andre, Cristóvão, Fabricio and Wesley – always ready to kick you in the ass when you need that!  To my fellows from FALE (college), you all have made your contribution – no exceptions.  To teachers and professors who lit that light “at the end of the tunnel”: Aunt Eliana (kindergarten) and doctors Eliana Lourenço and Thomas Burns. To my idol Willie Nelson, whose songs give sanity to my madness and daydreams to my reason. (Me & Paul excerpt). To God, for everything and everyone.”

If possible… I would like that these lines could reach Willie and his family. I’m from a poor family, and trying to save some money to visit Austin/Texas next year and to be near of the 2013’s 4th of July Picnic. I would like to thank him personally!

Thanks for your attention,

Sorry for my bad English… (I’m still learning)


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