Farm Aid by the numbers

Dear Farm Aid Friends, 

We’re still reminiscing and thinking about all the different aspects of Farm Aid 2023 – from the pre-events to the festival day and beyond. It was amazing to see farmers, artists and music fans all coming together to celebrate family farmer agriculture and to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities farmers face.

Below are some of the numbers that show why Farm Aid 2023 was so unique!

Mon, Nov 13 at 12:27 PM

Farm Aid 2023 stage

16 Incredible performances on the lineup
.Bob Dylan

2Surprise performances, including Sturgill Simpson (joining Margo Price) and Bob Dylan (backed by 3/5ths of The Heartbreakers along with members of The Dirty Knobs).Willie Nelson

18Songs in Willie’s Nelson’s epic set to end a beautiful day at Ruoff Music Center.

Demonstrations in the HOMEGROWN Skills Tent; plus an all-day seed swap and mini farm with grazing sheep

35 HOMEGROWN Village exhibits including: The Farmer’s Share of the Food Dollar by National Farmers Union; Farms Reflect our Farmers: Underheard Voices and Imagining the Future of Farming in Indiana by Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition; Connecting the Drops: The Ripple Effects of Water Grabs on our Food System by National Family Farm Coalition; and many more! 
18 Young people from three different local organizations (Future Farmers of America, the Grange, and Human Agriculture Cooperative) staffed HOMEGROWN Youthmarkets at two farm fresh stands.

1,000 Podcast buttons were distributed at the festival and many backstage interviews! 

Listen to our first episode now.

454 Volunteers made the day run smoothly, setting up, breaking down, chopping vegetables, helping festivalgoers make compost, and generally putting smiles on everyone’s faces!
51 Menu items in HOMEGROWN Concessions® served throughout the venue. The ingredients for everything served at Farm Aid 2023 were grown with sustainable practices, on family farms, and with a fair price paid to the farmers

2023 Farm Aid 2023 festival merch items are in our online store, including tees, hats, sweatshirts and denim jackets, all made with materials that protect our water and soil and that support farmer livelihoods. 

45 Videos shared at our press event that kicked off Farm Aid 2023, with 7 farmers joining Willie, John, Neil, and Dave on stage to talk about agriculture, climate, soil and water and corporate power.

22,209 Tickets sold for Farm Aid 2023. Thank you for supporting family farmers by participating in Farm Aid 2023!

275 Farmers, advocates and representatives from organizations that support farmers who attended our Friday Farmer Forum, which featured our first ever Farm Aid People’s Hearing on the Farm Bill.

6People who attended Indiana farm tours featuring 4 farms and 7 farmers who shared their stories of farming in the Midwest
.Farm Aid 2023 airport display

560,000 People passed by our Farm Aid 2023 exhibit at the Indianapolis International Airport!
1,000+Media stories featuring Farm Aid, including 748 print and online stories and 364 TV and radio broadcasts
60 Cubic yards of materials were composted over the course of our festival, which equals approximately 2.9 tons of compost!

14,798 Pounds of food were donated to Second Helpings, an organization that rescues good food to prepare nutritious meals for hungry children and adults in Greater Indianapolis. Thank you for celebrating family farmers with us this year.

Make sure to show them you support their work year-round by wearing Farm Aid 2023 merch. And, relive the music on our YouTube channel and in our photo and video gallery  Forward Farm Aid
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