Farm Aid XXVI, the finale



The finale at Farm Aid is always exciting, moving, but bittersweet because it’s the end of the concert and the day’s events.    It is an inspiring experience, when artists join Willie Nelson on stage to sing.

People come to Farm Aid  for different reasons, to support Family Farmers, for the music, the good works, the fellowship.  But everyone goes away inspired, I’m sure of it, and will never feel the same when we drive by a farm stand by the side of the road.    Neil Young said it so well, when he reminded us all that “You have the power.”  The artists and Farm Aid board members, staff, volunteers, can only do so much.  Farmers are doing their part, the hard work to grow food for us.  And we can seek out those products grown locally by farmers, at Farmers’ Markets and Farm Stands.  “Vote with your dollar.”

To learn more about Farm Aid, their projects, how they help keep farmers on the land, and how you can get involved, visit:

Also, you can text 80888 on your cell phone to donate $10.00 to help keep family farmers on their land







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