Farm Aids champions the environment

“Since our first concert in 1985, we’ve granted over $24 million to more than 300 organizations. Many of these groups are dedicated to supporting the environment, from championing organic production practices and healthy soils to advocating for sustainability in the policy arena.  

Take the California Climate and Agriculture Network. They received a Farm Aid grant that helped them keep a bill alive that uses cap-and-trade revenue to help farmers who actively work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration. So far, more than 110 farmers and ranchers throughout CA have received grants totaling $6.5 million. After its funding was zeroed out last year, the organization lobbied to restore it. Ultimately, their efforts were successful in doubling the allocation to $15 million!

There’s also The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, whose Farm Aid grant went towards their Ask a Specialist helpline, which supports farmers who have questions about organic agriculture. In one case, a newly-certified, organic grower needed help determining the optimum way to set his rotary hoe. Luckily, MOSES had recently hired an experienced organic grain grower in Illinois for questions specific as this one related to organic grain farming.”


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