Friday night is must-see-tv-night: Willie Nelson on Larry King/CNN and later on Craig Ferguson Show on CBS

Thanks to Dallas Wayne, on Willie’s Place on Sirius/XM Radio, for reporting that  Willie Nelson is taping a segment for the Craig Ferguson show on CBS this afternoon.

Friday night is turning into a must-see-tv night.   According to CBS, the show with Willie Nelson will air tomorrow night.  That’s at 11:30 here in Colorado.

Earlier on tv tomorrow night, Willie Nelson will appear on Larry King’s show on CNN.  That’s on at 7:00 and replayed at 10:00 here in Colorado.  Willie taped that show yesterday.    There is a video on you-tube of Willie leaving his bus, and walking into CNN building, but I am so upset with all the e-bayers in the video, and the paparazzi hassling Willie, I can’t repost it.    Willie is so polite to everyone, answering their questions (“What do you think of Jesse James?”  “He was a good bank robber,” responded Willie).   It bothered me the way they yell out to him.  I guess that’s what they do.  I know people are going to try and make a buck off Willie, but at least they can be polite.  I can’t imagine how tiring that must get for Willie, everywhere he goes, to get mobbed like that.   Willie is so quick and witty.  Someone yelled out, ‘Willie, how do you deal with all your crazy fans?” or something like that, and Willie said, “I don’t have any.”  Thank you, Willie.

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