Get Well, Willie Hugh


Little Willie Nelson, of Key Largo, Florida, made this card for his namesake, Willie Hugh Nelson.  He and his mother were set to drive to Melbourne today for the Willie Nelson and Family concert, and when he learned Willie wasn’t feeling well, he wanted to send a card.

Willie Nelson G.

Michele learned she was pregnant on Willie Nelson’s 70th birthday, and her husband started calling her stomach Willie.  His mother was so upset that her grandson might be named after the singer, that Michele had no other choice but to name him Willem Nelson, just to spite her. 

Thank you Willie for your thoughtfulness in making the card, and thanks to mama Michele for sharing it.

Michele sent this update today:

Litl’ Willie is still worried bout’ Willie Hugh. First thing out of his mouth again this morning was “is Willie Hugh Nelson all better yet?” I explained that Willie caught the FL Crud and, reminded him how long he was sick last month when we had it. I’m thinking he thinks Willie will be back the day after he is better. I don’t want to break it to him that we’ll have to wait until at least October for his return.

He’ll get his chance to have his picture taken with his namesake again. It just won’t have a spot at Carl’s Corner. The important thing right now is for Willie to get some R&R!!!

Linda, Litl’ Willie was so excited last night when I showed it to him. He said “Willie Hugh will get to see it before the mailman brings it to his house!”. Thanks for helping me mend a broken heart!! :)

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