Good Links to More About Willie

The reason I wanted to do this was to create a discography, filmology, all the ologies about Willie, books, televsions shows, etc., etc.  But here’s the problem:  it’s too much information!  He’s done so much, recorded so much, and if I started doing that, that’s all I’d get done.  So, in the alternative, I’m going to list other sites created by people who have done a lot of research and hard work.  This is Willie’s fan association, membership based.  It has a great fan forum, very active, with fans sharing stories and pictures about willie and his shows.  We get to follow Willie as he tours around the country and world through the eyes of his fans.   Other great benefit is pre-sale tickets; members get chance to buy tickets prior to when they go on sale to the general public.  That and the good friends you meet are well worth the $30.00 annual membership fee.  This is Willie’s official fan site, and has lots of information, pictures, news.  It is a fan forum where fans share stories and tour information.  Willie’s daughter, Lana, posts pictures and stories about life on the road and at concerts with her dad and the family band. is an online encyclopedia, and ahs a lot of information about Willie.  This is the label Willie records with now.  They have lots of information about Willie, and their site is cool, too.  They represent some other pretty incredible artists, too.   This is a site where you can trade cds/album.  I like the site because when you search for Willie Nelson at the site, little pictures of his albums come up, and when you hold the cursor over the picture, you get a track list and information about the album.  Sony has a nice discography for Willie, too.   Another on-line encyclopedia with information about Willie.  Budrock has worked for Willie for several decades, and has a great collection of posters, picks, pictures and stories at his web site.  He’s a nice guy, too.  If you are at a show, just yell out his name, ‘Hey Buddy”.  I think it must drive him crazy when people he doesn’t know, speak to him by name.   Good site for information about Willie’s music.

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