Happy Birthday, Budrock “the Illuminator” Prewitt! (March 28)

Happy birthday, Budrock.

Happy happy birthday Budrodk  

Buddy is the lighting director for Willie Nelson and Family,  and has worked with the band for over thirty years.    I took this picture of him in Denver, during the Democratic National Convention in 2008, when WN&F were performing at a private concert.

Hard at work

DSC_0346 by you.

Budrock worked hard at Poodie’s Picnic on 6/28/09 in Austin, making sure things went smoothly.  I never saw him sit down once all day.  

Taking in the sites on the ride to Sturgis, SD


Buddy is generous with his pictures and sharing his collections, and lets me share them here, for us all to enjoy.  You can see more of his collections, at www.Budrock.com

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