Hey! It’s Willie Wednesday on the Bill Mack xm Radio Show!

Willie is on the radio right now, talking to Bill and Cindy, and taking calls from fans.  Call 1-817-451-6055 if you want to try and get through and talk to Willie. 

Willie talked a lot about biofuel, and the problems they are encountering in Texas, against politicians, oil companies and the powers that be who do not want anyone to be able to compete against the oil industry and who might free the US’s dependency on foreign oil. 

Willie and Bill both credited the truckers with getting the word out about biofuel, by word of mouth.  Willie said that an airline pilot had said that airlines were beginning to use the fuel, as they had figured out a way to keep it from jelling up in the cold atmosphere. 

He urges people to call their representatives, and anyone they know who may be involved with the energy policies in the US and in Texas, and express their support for biofuel.  Especially, he talked about the need for ‘crushers’ in Texas, which is a plant that could crush plants, specifically he talked about sunflowers, and convert them so they could be used for biofuel.  

Willie said people are speaking out, they want to buy their food locally, and their fuel locally, and not have it imported from the other side of the world, or have our country start a war over oil.  He called for investment by the state of Texas, or from the federal government — use some of President Obama’s stimulus money to build crushing plants, which cost millions to build and get going.  He encouraged us to call our representatives, the President, and remind them that ‘Family farmers are the first rung in the economy of our nation.” 

They only took a couple calls to talk with Willie — Bill and Billy had so much to ask Willie and talk about, including his current tour with Asleep at the Wheel, the new album, his show in NYC with Wynton Marsalis, biodiesel fuel, Carl’s Corner, Wille’s Place XM13, old friends, and more.

Bill worked in his plug for the Sleep Comfort Bed.  Willie asked Bill and Cindy what their number was, and as it turns out, they are both at #45.  Willie expressed concern that they were both vibrating at the same speed.  Bill asked Willie what his number was, and if he had trouble sleeping, and Willie replied that he gets his sleep in snatches, but he didn’t think he should tell that story on the air.

He did leave Bill and Cindy with a joke:

A ventriliquest was performing, and his act included several dumb blonde jokes. 

After about an hour, a blonde woman stood up in the audience and said, “Listen, you SOB, all you have done for the whole hour is put down us blondes.  You try to put us all in the same box, say we’re not as smart as you, that we’re all dumb.  You owe all the blondes of the world an apology!”

The ventriliquest said, “I’m sorry ma’am, I really didn’t mean to offend you.”

The blonde said, “Not you.  I’m talking to that sob sitting on your lap!”


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