Hey! It’s Willie Wednesday on the Bill Mack Show!

Willie Nelson and Bill Mack

Willie Nelson called in and talked with Bill and Cindy Mack on their Open Road xm radio show today, and took calls from fans.  If you haven’t listened to the show before, it’s so much fun  listening to these two friends talk about music, musicians and tell stories on each other.  And Willie Wednesday is your opportunity to call in and talk with Willie Nelson in person.  He calls in every Wednesday that he can, around noon Colorado time, and takes calls from fans.  Such a treat!

Today they talked about so many things, including the Willie and the Wheel album and Tour, with Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel.  A fan called in all excited about the February 24th  show at Carl’s Corner, and was disappointed when Willie told her the tickets were sold out.   Bill and Willie heard how distraught she was and felt so bad that they told her to just show up.  Willie said he’d come out himself and bring her in with him if she couldn’t get a ticket.  Bill told her to ask for him at the door when she got there. 

About every week, Bill asks Willie if he has any movie projects coming up, and if he had a part for him in any of them.  Today Willie told Bill that he was talking with Johnny Knoxville about a movie project, and that he hoped to ropel in his friends Woody Harrelson and Owen and Luke Wilson to be involved in the project.  And he told Bill he thought there might be a part for him in it, so could he go ahead and promote it and talk about it on his show.  Bill confirmed that he still took payola.  “Payola is not dead.  It’s not even sick.”

Bill managed to work in a commercial for Sleep Number Beds into their conversation, and tried to pitch it to Willie that he should get one for his bus.  Willie said he had thought about getting one, but he didn’t know what number to buy.  Also, he wondered if the beds vibrated?

At the end of the show, a trucker called in to talk about sin and redemption, as far as I could tell, and somehow mentioned sex with animals.  Bill interrupted him, as he was running out of time, and Willie commented that he had heard that if you are going to have sex with an animal, you should do it with a horse.  Because, then if it doesn’t work out — you’ll still have a ride home.

Bill said to Willie, “Your fans love you.  They really love you.”  And Willie responded, “It’s mutual.”


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