Horse Supporters Thank Willie for His Rescue Efforts

I have gotten so many e-mails and responses to the post about Willie’s event on Saturday at his Texas Ranch bringing attention to the plight of some horses.  I had to post a few of them here:

Thank you, Willie Nelson, T. Boone Pickens and their families and Habitat for Horses!

I’m so happy the Press is involved! We very much need to get the word out there. So many people have no idea this is going on. People in NY are amazed when I tell them and so many have offered help.

Let’s not stop until this nightmare is over once and for all. We must get this bill to the Senate this year to end this madness. Keep the calls to all the Senators going and let’s hope the news organizations air the story and over and over.

We’ve been working on the internet to get people to call and to spread the news about what’s going on: on Care2. Some members even go out and rescue at the auctions, when they can.

God Bless you all and the horses.

Marjorie Caruso – New York City


I have always loved Willie Nelson for his singing but now that he has saved horses I do more than ever.
May God Bless

Mary Donna Davis and 3 horses


Thanks for caring and sharing. We need all the public exposure we can get. There are still too many people who don’t know about the fate of the horses. If people don’t know they can’t protest, or object. Every one loves Willie any way. Now we love him more. How I wish I could rescue some of these horses.


  1. Tandra Dunn

Thanks Willie Nelson and Boone Pickens for your support of rescue horses. I wish more and more people would realize that horses have a life past turning eldery, going blind, or whatever their story may be. As a rescuer I have rescued horses with different stories…..All have a lot to offer regardless of whether they are rideable or not. Horses are a part an American Culture, our companions and don’t deserve unjust treatment or death, slaughter…….We need to end slaughter in America for good. I have watched a many of good horses, all with a different story, go to slaughter and many of people not realize where they are going…….Thank You for also being a rescuer, you now know what joy it brings when a horse realizes they have been given a second chance in life and the reward it has to offer. Congrats to You.
Kent and Tandra Dunn Family


Thank you thank you Willie God bless you. I have always loved you and your music but even more now. Please make this the biggest press event you can. The horses need it.


From our family of people and mixed horses ranging from ponies to off the track race horses, PMU mares, feedlot foals, blind, drafts, paints, QH, welshes, apps, mustangs and not to forget your basic grade horse…a hearty Thank you, Willie Nelson, T. Boone Pickens and their families and Habitat for Horses! Many think our family is a crazy one, but I ask…how can we just turn and walk away…we do with out a lot of things, I have to thank our children who at ages 16, 13 and 12 have dedicated so much of their young lives already these last few years to help with their mom and dad’s crazy ideas and taking care of the 26 horses we have left that we saved, rehabilitated and ride now. Thanks again for using the influence you have!

Gloria Thompson and family

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