I didn’t Know Billy Joe Shaver Wrote That!


My dear friend and fellow Willie Nelson fan, Cherie, from Houston, called me tonight from a Billy Joe Shaver concert somewhere in Texas.  What a treat it was.  It was a good connection, too.  Sometimes those concert calls are garbled, and I can’t even tell what the song is, but the vibe is so nice, I still enjoy them.

Tonight, though, I don’t know why, but it was crystal clear.  I got to hear Billy Joe Shaver Run through some of his amazing songs.  And that’s what made me think that, whenver I am telling someone about Billy Joe Shaver, how great he is, often friends haven’t heard of him. Then I start listing these amazing songs, and they inevitably say, “I didn’t know Billy Joe Shaver wrote that.”

Tonight I go to hear  Georgia on a Fast Train, Black Rose, Try and Try Again, That’s what she said last Night.  What a great songwriter he is.  I wish some promoter with money would bring him to Colorado.  If I had the money, I’d do it. 

Billy Joe’s got a great album out, well, many great albums, but I guess it’s his latest:  The Real Deal.  Buy it.  Or download it.  It’s good.

Also, He’s got a book out, “Honky Tonk Heroes”.  Very good read, about his amazing, tradegy-filled, yet inspiring life.

His website at www.BillyJoeShaver.com has his schedule, if you’re going to be anywhere near him, go see him.  You will have a great time.


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