It’s Flooding Down in Texas and It’s Snowing Here in Colorado

My back yard. Oh, it’s cold out. My satellite’s out, so I can’t get my morning CNN fix from of the O’Brien twins, Soledad and Miles.  I’ve got my tiny kitchen tv on now, with the local folks, and they are talking blizzard, oh well.

They are scrolling school closures across the bottom of the screen, and I keep hoping my work place will show up and I can go back to bed. Not holding my breath, though.

If I could stay home, I’d start off listening to these cds. Stero only holds five cds, and I’d put these in and hit shuffle:

  1. Wilie Nelson, Red Headed Stranger
  2. Flatlanders, Wheels of Fortune
  3. Lucinda Williams, bootleg cd I made last year of her at Boulder Theater
  4. John Fogerty, The Long Road Home
  5. Disc 1, from Pure Jerry, Jerry Garcia Band, from NYC Show 1987

But that’s not going to happen.  It’s Colorado.  Snow is seldom an excuse for not going to work.  Better get ready and go.  I’m taking the bus today, let someone else drive through this stuff.

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