Jessi Colter to Perform at Governor Ritter’s Inauguration Celebration in Denver (1/12/07)

We have a new governor in Colorado!  Today, Democrat Bill Ritter was sworn in as Governor of Colorado, on the steps of the capitol in Denver.  I didn’t go.  I would have, but this freaky weather has made me stay close to Boulder.  All the snow from the back-to-back blizzards we’ve had.   And the 100 mile an hour wind.  (I was going to say there were  Small Pet Warnings out, but actually, I think a big dog wouldn’t have much of a chance walking on ice with that wind.)  And then it got warm and the snow melted, then we got an arctic blast and the ice froze again.

But, that’s not what I wanted to talk about!  The inaugural festivities are going to continue through the weekend, with a couple dinners, and a concert on Friday night, featuring Jessi Colter!  I am going to her concert.  It’s supposed to snow again on Friday, but I don’t care!  I’ve got cabin fever.  And it’s Jessi Colter!

I was listening to an interview with Governor Ritter this morning, and he was talking about the concert.  “Well, when we talked about having a concert, I said, ‘I like all kinds of music.  Country and Western.'”

As of this morning, there were still tickets available to her show.

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