Joke of the Day (thanks to Poodie)

This guy had tennis elbow, and heard about a place that had a urinalysis machine that could analyze your urine and tell you exactly what was wrong with you.  Already knowing what he had, he decided to test the machine.

The guy poured in a sample of his urine, and the machine coughed and sputtered before spitting out a card that read, YOU HAVE TENNIS ELBOW.  The guy was amazed.

He decided to play a trick on the machine.  He went home and collected urine specimens form his dog, his daughter, and his wife, and mixed them all together with his own.  Feeling smart, he went back to the urinalysis machine and poured in the mixed-up sample.

The machine began to smoke, shake, swell up, and cough.  It rattled and clanked before finally spitting out the card that read, YOUR DOG HAS WORMS; YOUR DAUGHTER IS ON CRACK; YOUR WIFE IS CHEATING ON YOU, IF YOU DON’T QUIT JACKING OFF, THAT ELBOW OF YOURS WILL NEVER HEAL. 

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